3 Lives, 9 Episodes, 1 Balance

About the Series

As a nine part web series Balance will share the stories of three individuals who live there lives in very different ways.

The characters will not be professional athletes but rather working class heros; people who don’t earn a living from their sport but still understand the importance of extracurricular activity.

These are the people who work to make time for the things they love rather than pushing their hobbies aside for a larger paycheque.

– Characters –

  • Blair Trotman

    Blair Trotman

    After graduating from high school Blair joined the New Zealand military thinking it would allow him to travel the world and be outdoors. He quickly realized that it wasn’t for him and did everything he could to get out. He then took an outdoor leadership course that set him on the path he now follows. As a whitewater kayaker, river guide, instructor, and general dirt bag Blair now lives his life in a way that more appropriately fits with his values.

  • Joey Vosburgh

    Joey Vosburgh

    Snowboarding has alway been a part of Joey’s life and at an early age he excelled. Joey rode with an influential group of snowboarders, many of which went on to ride professionally. Although he to had opportunities to pursue snowboarding professionally he decided to opt out of sponsorship because he thought it would take the fun out of it. Joey now runs his own hardwood flooring company which allows him to choose his own hours and ride his split-board in the backcountry as much as he wants.

  • Dave Vanderveen

    Dave Vanderveen

    After a major car accident on his way to work Dave was left hospitalized with doctors unsure if he’d keep his left foot. Suffering from a “dead talus bone” the threat of amputation lingered for over eight months. Dave’s passion is mountain biking. It is his escape from reality and was his motivation for a miraculous recovery that allowed him to bike before he was able to walk without a limp. Dave works as a water sports rep and brings his bike with him where ever he goes.

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